One-Click Secure Algo Farming
First to new, maximum profit yield farms
Custom smart contract matching your risk-tolerance
Shield deposit value through stop-loss  

Easy to start

Launch Your Personal Robo-Farmer

Your robo-farmer is a smart contract that discovers new maximum gain farms, auto-sells the yield to compound earnings, and rapidly enters to the next best opportunity while staying within the risk parameters you ordered it to follow. 

Accessible for everyone

Delegated Yield Farming

In the past, Yield Farming has been a whale’s game. In order to farm, users needed to perform multiple transactions on a blockchain, resulting in hundreds of dollars. YieldShield allows everyone to yield farm, by pooling funds together and allowing for secure distribution through the execution of a smart contract.

Security Features

Asset Distribution

Deposits are spread across unique, individual-dedicated smart contracts. This removes all the vulnerabilities that have caused shared pools to be exploited. 

Price Monitoring

Real-time price monitoring through distributed oracles makes sure a stop-loss is triggered. 
Even the safest farming strategy, like ETH-wBTC farming on Uniswap, can benefit from protection of initial USD value, if your goal is dollar growth.

Quality Assessment

Built-in codebase assessment tools to recognize and avoid rugpulls, and quality assessment parameters advised by the developer of

Token Economy

YieldShield charges a fee on the safe, higher yield it provides to farmers and liquidity providers. However, the fee can be reduced or even zero.
Earn YIELD LP Tokens

Earn all yield in YIELD-ETH LP tokens and pay zero fees.
The yield smart contract will automatically convert harvest assets into LP tokens and stake them for you.

YieldShield Fee: 0%
Earn YIELD Tokens

Earn all yield in YIELD tokens and get a 50% discount on product fees. 
The yield smart contract will automatically convert harvest assets into YIELD tokens. 

YieldShield Fee: 5%
Earn other tokens

Earn all yield in farmed tokens and get no discount on product fees.
The yield smart contract will provide harvested tokens as they are.

YieldShield Fee: 10%
Half of the fees collected by YieldShield are added to the developer fund, and the other half reduce token circulation.

Supported Farms

Integrations & Partnerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our early investors.
More will be added as we continue growing.

How do you secure my funds?
YieldShield offers a non-custodial investment.
By using YieldProtocol's smart contracts, each user will deploy their own smart contract allowing only them to withdraw funds from that contract.
How do you assess risks?
Our team of experts review and assess new protocols and pools on an hourly basis. These are then reviewed on multiple metrics such as: age, smart contract auditing, price volatility, team anonymity and many more.

We improve and update our assessment criteria on an ongoing basis.
Why are you using $YIELD?
YieldShield uses technology built by Yield Protocol and their native token.
What is the reason for launching YieldShield?
The process to discover the latest high yielding DeFi projects is highly manual and inconvenient. We came up with an automatic solution for the ease of the investors.
What is Yield Protocol?
Yield Protocol is a set of smart contracts that we use in YieldShield
Are you responsible for my funds?
No. YieldShield is not responsible for any loss of funds. However - the smart contracts are designed so only you can withdraw your funds.

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