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Locked and loaded

YieldShield Features

YieldShield is feature stacked to help you get the best out of your Yield Farming initiatives and strategies, we have listened intently to what you want and incorporated all the primary features to help you maximise your gains. And we have more coming soon.

Stop Loss

Finally, you can get a good night's sleep or spend a day out, knowing your investment is shielded, thanks to YieldShield’s stop loss mechanism.


Simply specify the level of allowable drawdown and our robo-farmer will collect your investments and rewards, swap them to the base coin, and return those funds to your wallet if your losses exceed this level.




Aggregated Farms

You no longer need to search for the most convenient and profitable Pools & Farms all over the Internet. You can find them all collected in one place now. Our analysts constantly monitor the market for the most stable and secure platforms for your investment. YieldShield only works with whitelisted farms who have passed a security audit to minimize your risks and maximize your yield.



Manual time-consuming restakes are a thing of the past. No more need to spend time looking for the best investment options.


Set your risk level and let our RoboFarmer do the rest for you - always finding the highest yield with an algorithmic multi-chain yield farming.

Risk Level

There is a risk in any investment, but now you do not need to be an analyst to assess it. We hourly estimate the Risk level for each pool based on multiple parameters in automatic mode.


You just have to decide whether you agree to ensure stable income or are willing to risk for the sake of extra profit.

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